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Specializing in the NYRA & Florida racing circuits (we do know these 2 circuits inside and out - trainers, jockeys, barns, angles, etc.), as they are our 'bread 'n butter' tracks, that always put us in the black. We stick with what works for us, and what we know best, but we also do handicap a few other tracks, as we know them well. Longshots are our specialty!

Are you looking to cash-in many small winning tickets, yet end-up losing in the long run? Yes, it's very doable - you've been doing it all along! How about cashing-in only a few big winners, and end-up in the black in the long run, just like us?!

Bet our picks to win, use them with our Exacta Gold simple strategy (also for triples & supers), and/or add them in your own exotic combos, etc.!

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Word of advice: Chisel this into your brain please, as nothing else matters: if you need to bet every race that comes along, win or lose, then this site and sport is not for you, as you will lose your shirt over the long run - guaranteed!

If you're not disciplined enough to bet just a few races and runners, and forever need non-stop action, then find another much less costly "hobby"!

And if you think our prices are "too high" (though, they really are the lowest), then just think of all the money you blow on your worthless exotic tickets, on a steady basis!!!

Use our picks in your exotic combos with the favorites, etc., with our Exacta (Tri/Sp) Gold simple strategy in our eBook (see what our eBook includes, much further below), or just cold-bet them to win only!

Our Picks: Chalk & longshot picks in every race!

The angle longshots we give you are overlays (a true good angle runner, that deserves much lower odds today, but is overlooked by the betting public, and goes off at 8/1+), with a morning line of 9-2 and higher. In other words, the horse should be 3/1 or less today, but instead is going off at 10-20/1, for example.

Horses with the ML of 9-2 - 6/1, go off at 8/1+ quite often (else, pass)!            

Ok, here’s the math: You bet 10 overlays to win, at a cost of $20 ($2 bet on each - at some tracks you can bet just $1 to win). If one out of 10 wins at 9/1, you break even; if two win at same odds, you make $20 (you double your money).

If you just bet the 8/1’s and higher over at least a week or two, it is impossible for you not to come out ahead (all you need is one winner out of ten, or two out of twenty, etc., just to break even)!

You must be extremely disciplined (you can go 20 bets without winning a dime, but the law of averages will turn in your favor, and quickly hit a few in a row, to end up in the black, which may not necessarily be the same day - it’s the long run that counts)!

You should really stick with and bet just one track of each of these two major circuits (New York’s NYRA tracks Aqueduct, Belmont & Saratoga), and Florida’s Gulfstream & Tampa Bay Downs, as these tracks are running all year round, except Tampa, are extremely popular, and as you already know, are our specialty (our bread 'n butter)!

If too many picks in a race (relative to field size), then pass, since it's anyone’s race up for grabs for the win slot, or just bet the highest odds one or two picks to win (you should only bet these runners to win, and/or add them to your exotic combos - don’t ever cold-bet them to place or show)!

Our eBook explains how we bet our picks, and much, much more!


Downloading our picks -

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There is also an email in your inbox with the download link to our picks.

If you do get re-directed to our website meanwhile, please don't panic - just wait for the download page to appear as mentioned above, or go to your email's inbox for the download link to our picks, that's already there - very simple!

After downloading the picks, please save them to your laptop's or your cloud's Document file, just as they are (PDF), so you won't go crazy looking for them, when needed!

Picks ready 24 hours in advance (almost always)!

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Please do not use eChecks to order, or you'll get our picks in about a week! 

For credit/debit card orders, the picks are instant download!

No PayPal account needed (simply, just use your card on their site)!

Questions/comments: Please email us at prohorsepicks@gmail.com!

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Exactly what you will receive when ordering our picks!

The two samples shown below are our hand picks, which offer chalk plays and plenty of longshots!

Don't waste your money on PPs. What we offer below, is all you need to bet!



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Our tracks are the NYRA & Florida circuits (our "bread 'n butter"), such as 

AQU-BEL-SAR-GP-TAM (and some others, plus of course, the Triple Crown & Breeders' Cup events)!

Aqueduct in the winter: 

We suggest you stay away from this track, because the cold winters take their toll on the runners. 

The same tired, frustrated, cold and depressed runners, taking turns at beating each other up (yes, just like humans), throughout the entire winter, the small low-odds fields & plenty of canceled races due to weather conditions, are reasons enough for us not to handicap AQU in the winter, and for you to avoid (we will handicap it for you due to high demand, weather depending)!

Besides, Gulfstream is the Saratoga of the winter, as the best of the best jockeys, trainers and runners at Belmont and Saratoga, park there for the entire winter, enjoying the warm climate! 

Tampa Bay also has warm winter weather (though not a major track, it is extremely popular, and you can bet our picks with confidence, since there are plenty of longshot trainer angles to be had, and is also one of our "bread n butter" tracks)!

And of course, the horses love the warm winter weather!

Please make sure you choose the correct date for your picks, as there are no refunds for any reason, for the picks or eBook, except for track cancellations!

Prices: One or more tracks $5.99, usually on sale at a much lower price!

Refunds: Full track cancellations (or before the 4th. race is run), receive full refund, if one track is offered. If two or more tracks are offered, then no refunds, unless all tracks cancel.

All refunds via PayPal, the same or the following day!

No subscriptions, any longer!

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Our "How We Make Extra Cash at The Races" eBook, includes:  

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Exacta Gold & Triples (the only, very simple Exacta & Triple strategy that will show a profit in the long run, considering exotics are a losing-money proposition)!

Superfecta Betting (how to bet Superfectas the most profitable way - structured after our very lucrative Exacta Gold strategy - Ex/Tri/Sp Gold)!

Longshot Betting (how to bet them)!

Special Trainer Angle (not part of the 18 angles)!

How To Bet Our Picks (the road to steady profits)!

The Priceless Secret (to making money at the races, that no-one tells you about)!

Maiden Races (top handicapping & betting tips, plus pedigree info)!


We use everything inside this eBook to put extra cash in our pocket over the long run, for the past 40+ years!


By the way, anyone can get good picks, but if you don't know how to bet them, you'll lose in the long run!


Btw, our eBook does not contain a 200-page mix of 10% pure solid info and 90% irrelevant garbage.

Instead, it contains 25 pages of 100% pure solid info, without the garbage. 

It's the pure info that counts, and nothing else!


Remember, horse racing is really not pure gambling. It is informed speculation, just like the stock market (you have an input in the decision making process, by using your brain), unlike the one-armed bandits (which is pure gambling - no brain required).


Good luck, enjoy your day, bet sensibly and stay safe!

Thank for your visit/purchase!

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